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fun fact: Michael Cera asked Rihanna if he could slap her ass for real and she said “you can slap my ass for real if I can slap you in the face for real” and he was like alright. and they did the take like 3 times and Michael was like “you’re not hitting me hard enough do it for real” and then she slapped the fuck out of him and threw off his equilibrium so much he had to go lay down in his trailer for like half an hour lmao and that’s the take they used in the movie with no added sound effects 

his head disappears omg

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Miley Cyrus: a summary

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Take no shit

If only this was a socially acceptable way to deal with assholes in the world today…

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The Russian Academy of Magic is a colossal onion-domed structure drifting aimlessly across the surface of Lake Baikal brought to existence using centuries of levitation charms perfected by a group of Russian witches experimenting with portable floating ice rinks. Self-heating fur scarves are all the rage amongst students and professors alike, although they have been known to overheat from time to time, leading to mild cases of heat stroke. When traditional Quidditch games become dull, players would discard their brooms for skates and duke it out on the frozen surface of the lake.

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In the Flesh + Real World Issues

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do you ever have those times at 4am where you get so motivated and decide to get all your shit together and then plan out your entire life and future and then the next morning you’re just like lol

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I’m sort of her lackey at the beginning and then, over time, we develop a friendship and become more like a bickering married old couple" - Sam Riley

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